Yoga for back pain

Here you can see this is a Training period of our Yoga centre where we allow to make training to our candidate in front of professional teachers. The students are doing Twist Yoga Pose in this Picture, which helps them to be more flexible.

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This training is of Surya Namaskar which allows people to get rid of many problems of the body. Like Insomnia, back pain and many other things. Surya Namaskar is very beneficial for health which permits them to live a happy and tension free life.

200 hour yoga ttc

This pose is named as (Adho Mukho Svanasana) Downward Facing Dog Pose this pose is beneficial for the back of the body and allow it to be more flexible.Downward Facing Dog Pose also provide comfort in another part of the body.

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In this picture, we provide a certificate to our customer who completed their training successfully in our institute for the every move of yoga. As we believe in full customer satisfaction that’s why we provide 100% practical training.

200 hr yoga ttc Rishikesh

In this picture, you can see that out candidates are Posing for a picture after the training session of 200-hour yoga teacher training. We provide happiest and beautiful environment to our student in the time of yoga teacher training.

200 hour yoga training center

Our Candidates are Doing the training of Tadasana (Mountain Pose) which is also known as amother of all the Assans of Yoga. This Assan is one of the basic and easiest assans in comparison to all the other assans of Yoga.

200 hour yoga teacher training India

Our yoga teachers trainer giving the certificate to our candidate after completing the 200 hour Yoga teacher Training Successfully. We trained a large number of candidates till now and they are successfully spreading the knowledge of yoga throughout the world.