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Yoga for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is the most important part of a woman's life. However, it is also one of the most difficult ones. At this time the woman has to take care of both her child and self's being. Moreover, during pregnancy, certain parts of the bodies star hurting. Peculiar aches and pains develop and the ladies find it difficult to make a comfortable position because of their growing belly. Five positions have been found to be especiallybeneficial to the pregnant ladies for relieving pregnancy pains and for stretching the body to make space for the growing baby. Some of these postures are very helpful to manage the pain and discomfort during the labour

Extended Side Angle Posture

During pregnancy the ladies feel especially sluggish but, it does not mean that they have lost the energy in their bodies. The ladies could revive their energy with this simple posture. In the extended side angle pose you have to stand keeping both the feet apart. Bending your left knee place your bent elbow on the knee. Turn your face towards right side looking straight up and lift your right arm high above your head straight in line with the right leg which is now bent at an angle. And now repeat this similar pose on the right side of your body.

Extended Side Angle Posture

Triangle Posture

The pregnancy stage brings about a sense of loss of balance. Ladies usually feel disoriented and dizzy. To regain your sense of balances you should try the modified triangle pose. For this pose you have to stand keeping both the feet apart. Turning your face to the left side bend on the right side trying to reach the ankle if not the heel of your right foot. Repeat the similar pose on the other side of the body. Care should be taken that your stance is not too wide.

Triangle Posture-in Pregnancy

Sitting Side Stretch

Some yoga poses are destined to make your body more flexible and comfortable for your bulging body. The Sitting Stretch pose is one of them. Sitting straight keep both your feet straight in front of you. Bend your left knee such that the heel of your left foot is close to your pelvis. From waist onwards bend your upper body to the right side resting your right elbow on your right knee. The left arm extended above your head. The sitting side stretchopens the side waist and pelvis and stretches your hips. It is beneficial to find as much space in your body as possible when your bellies get larger.

Sitting Side Stretch in Pregnancy

Cat / Cow Poses

This pose is meant to give you relief from you aching bulging body. Rest your body on knees and palms and head holding high. Gently rock between cat and cow poses. It will stretch your body and warm up your spine. It will also help in stretching the body relieving from any possible pain in the back. This also helps in shifting the weight of the baby away from the spine providing you some much needed relief.

Cat & Cow Poses in Pregnancy

Child's posture

If you are practicing yoga this child's posture is actually a relief from the hard work of yoga and you seem to be taking a break/rest during the yoga practice. The normal working of dayfeels like a lot of work for pregnant women and it becomes necessary to take rest and regroup.This posture needs you to sit on your knees and start bending forward, hands extended until your palms rest on the ground. Now relax your face and breathe deeply into the back. You should keep in your mind to keep your big toes together and try to spread your knees apart as you belly grows. Also keep in mind that if you feel comfortable to sit up high as comparing to keeping your posterior on your ankles, please do so and go ahead and do it. Always remember to rest your forehead while breathing deeply into your back.

Child Posture in Pregnancy

A word of caution. Please, practice all the yoga poses after consultation from your doctor.